MedVetNet conference 2017

The 5th MedVetNet conference took place at the University of Surrey, 27-29 June 2017.

A chance to present the Animal Health Surveillance Ontology and discuss data-driven applications in animal health in general,  and surveillance in particular.

Of particular note was the Big Data and Digital Information section:
- Dr. George Gunn talked about big data and opportunities for animal health
- Dr. Rimma Driscoll highlighted the role of Zoetis in digital innovation for Animal Health
- Dr. Alex Cook discussed opportunities, barriers and drivers.
Also, check out!
- Dr. Fernanda Dórea introduced AHSO - you can get the full presentation here.
- Dr. Phil Godsiff's inspiring talk was titled "How could implementing BlockChain technology impact the livestock value chain". If you are new to the concept, check out this text for beginners, or

AHSO is a project funded by Vinnova, with co-funding from the Swedish National Veterinary Institute (SVA). For more information on the project partners, visit the AHSO page.

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